Woman Orders The Soldier To Carry Her Grocery Bags As She Pays Him Through Taxes.


So I (25y m German soldier) was shopping some food for dinner at the local supermarket, usually I stop there 2 – 4 times a week on my way home in full uniform. That is why often some elderly persons ask me to help them with things like getting them something from the top shelf or putting them a 6pack of 1,5L water bottles in their cart which is no problem for me at all and often I ask them if they need help with putting it in their car, cause its no big deal for me.

Now to Karen it was one day when I helped an old grandma putting some heavy groceries in her car and after I finished I moved back to mine when I heard eared a lady behind me with that typical Karen voice “now that you’re done you can help me shopping”. Me who is irritated cause i’m dressed in full uniform says politely “no sorry I can’t help you as you can obviously see I don’t work here”. That was not the correct answer she gets louder and said “I pay taxes so you work for me” that is somehow true but no and I said that to her and started to move over to my car.

That is when I felt a very hard grip on my shoulder and out of reflex I grabbed her arm and slammed her on the parking lot, which caused her a big bloody nose… After a lot of screaming from her and a large conversation with the shop staff and some surrounding people who called the police (who looked at the CCTV). I pressed charges on her for assaulting me, and she although got banned from the shop.


Source: Reddit


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