Being a woman is scary but yesterday’s experiences taught me that being a woman in a wheelchair must be absolutely terrifying

Yesterday I (f, 30) did my disabled dad a favor and picked up his electric wheelchair that had been in the workshop for maintenance to drive it home to him because it doesn’t fit into any car we have right now. It is maybe a 15 minute drive and it was the middle of the day and a busy, normal part of town.

I am used to catcalling and creepy and disgusting men, sadly that’s life. But I would never have expected how much worse and scarier it would get if I – a reasonably young, reasonably attractive woman – appeared to be disabled and in a wheelchair.

Before, I would have thought that this would make me less attractive to creepy people. It was the opposite. The number of creepy, disgusting, sexual comments and propositions I got from men of all ages on that short drive was horrible. Some even tried to touch/push the wheelchair I was sitting in, some stood in my way on purpose and wouldn’t move so I had to dangerously maneuver around them to get away.

I was so f**king scary, I was literally shaking when I finally made it to my dad’s place. In an emergency I would have been able to get up and defend myself or run away if someone grabbed or pushed over the wheelchair or tried to corner me. A truly disabled woman does not have that option. My heart breaks for them and how brave they must be to get through this every day. And I am so disgusted, scared and angry that my assumed helplessness seemed to be an invitation and turn-on for these people to molest and threaten me in broad daylight. I would ask what’s wrong with them, but we all know the answer, sadly.


Source: Reddit.


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