Telepathy With Animals


Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered what it would be like if he could understand what you were thinking? Well, according to some experts, they can, in fact, and everyone can.

Usually, these experts are known as animal communicators or a special type of medium that works with animals. And according to them, telepathy between you and your pet is not very different from telepathy between two people. Raphaela Pope explains on her website that “the dictionary defines telepathy as “the communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another, regardless of recognized sensory channels”.

“My experience is that telepathy is the universal language of the animal kingdom. I believe that humans are born with telepathic abilities, but tend to suppress or forget them when they learn spoken language. Telepathic communication assumes that animals are sentient beings with their own intentions, desires, choices, and their own way of seeing the world.

And there are many examples of this telepathic sense that animals seem to have. One man who was a sailor avoided telling his mother this on his way home because she was worried if he was stopped on his way home. But she always knew when he was, thanks to her cat. Apparently the cat, who was very attached to him, sat down at the front door and started meowing very loudly for about two hours before he was supposed to come home.

Other incidents have been reported in which other cats hid from their owners before going to the vet. Some people have even reported that before a mass disaster, animals could somehow sense the impending disaster and behave in an unusual way. There have been 177 reports of dogs reacting strangely to their owners’ death or starting to suffer when their owners died away from them, while 62 cases of cats have been reported.

Now, if you want to “embark”, no pun intended, on a journey of communication with animals, it’s actually quite simple. Observe your pet and calm your mind. Now, in the same way as in meditation, immediately ignore all imaginary thoughts. Animals communicate through images, movement, and short visual stories, so you should do the same.

If you are a dog, lie quietly next to it and imagine the leash you use to walk it. Try to imagine something that you and your pet have done together. Try to be aware of your own emotions and make sure they don’t recur. This will help you understand when your dog starts to share his feelings with you.

You can also start communicating with animals by visiting someone who has just adopted or rescued a pet. The reason this works so well is that there are aspects of the animal’s past life that you are not aware of. Explain that you are trying to improve your communication skills with the animal and that you want to hide any information about the animal’s past life.

When you have met the animal and the situation begins to calm down, sit down next to it. Observe it and calm your mind. Pay attention to the pictures the animal sends you. Imagine that you and the animal understand each other. Send them comforting images and be aware of your own emotions and feelings. When you start receiving strange images and feelings, you have begun to communicate with the animal.

Of course, it will take time to master this technique. Consider it a form of meditation and use it to better understand your animal. Not only will you have the opportunity to spend more time with your pet, but you will also have the chance to communicate better with it.

Source: Positive Catalog


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