The challenge that only a few can handle: Are you able to find the letter that stands out?


    Can you find the letter that stands out?

    The challenge below is a typical example of what my friends and I usually send to each other. You need to find the letter that’s different from the rest in the picture. Focus all your senses.

    Here’s the picture. Can you find the letter that stands out?

    How did it go? If you found it, congratulations! If you didn’t, no worries, you can see the answer below.

    There’s a P hiding among all R’s. Not easy to find if you don’t focus.

    Okay, we’ll try another one. Will you be able to find the letter that doesn’t belong this time?

    Here’s the picture.

    This one is even harder so if you succeeded you should really give yourself a pat on the back. If you didn’t, below you can see the answer.

    There! It’s quite difficult, I really struggled to find the W myself.

    Only a few people pass this test: How many M’s can you see in this picture?

    This picture (below) will test your skills. It’s quite difficult – even though it sounds simple on paper. It requires the eyes and brain to work together – otherwise, it will get difficult.

    How many M’s?

    You have 10 seconds to solve this puzzle. Look at a picture full of W’s, your task is to figure out how many M’s are hidden in the image.

    I shared this puzzle with 3 of my relatives – and nobody answered correctly on the first attempt. Of course, it will be easier if you take more than 10 seconds, so don’t cheat.

    Let‘s start – how many M’s do you see in this picture?

    Hard, wasn’t it?

    At least, most people think so – as they struggle with this puzzle!

    Now let’s see if you managed to find all the M’s in the picture.







    Below all M’s are marked in white!

    How many did you find?

    There are 9 M’s in the picture!

    Did you find more than 5? Then you did great!


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