French cuisine – a dedicate and elegant culture

French cuisine is famous all over the world with the dishes being processed visually and tastily strangely, combining nicely wine into processing and enjoying the dishes, contributing to enhance the flavor of French dishes. We can say that French cuisine extremely unique and diverse.

The French are very gourmets and are particularly careful in eating, in the processing and detailing the posture to sit comfortably and with artistly.
Before eating, the French always have to wash their hands as a compulsory practice. The French in the process of eating cheesy chatter and especially taboo is after eating floss and belching in front of others. It can be said that the French style of eating is both a unique in the world.

For the French, on the banquet table they have “secret signs” that are understood implicitly. For example, when they finish eating, they have a “code” to tell the landlord or waitress that they have finished eating, that is to place a knife, a cross fork parallel and leaning to the right. Thus, waitress will imply that you have finished eating. This way of finishing meals like this will be very polite and elegant.

In France, families start a new day with a light breakfast, usually with bread and butter and ham. Drinks are usually black coffee, hot milk coffee, and children like the hot chocolate the most. And the roll of sponge cake called croissant is only available on special occasions.

The main meal of the day is usually eaten at noon for two hours at noon. Lunch usually consists of several dishes, starting with an appetizer or soup. The casserole dish with French fries or fried chicken served with vegetables is often the main dish of lunch. The salad, which is a leafy vegetable dipped in vinegar, will be eaten after the main dish. Then there is some cheese, and finally dessert with fresh fruit or pastries, so finished the meal.

Those who do not go home for lunch can eat a light lunch, such as a salty cake with cream and ham or a sandwich in a restaurant.
Dinner is usually simpler than lunch. A dinner usually includes soup, casserole, bread and cheese.

For the French, whether they enjoy the food in the luxurious restaurant or the rustic and simple dishes, they always keep the elegance and sophistication.
For them, there seems to be no concept of fast food. If the work is busy or rushing, they will always try to arrange time to sit at the table and dine politely and elegantly. Therefore, it is rare to see them stopping to buy something for a snack along the way.

In French meals often use knives and forks. They are very haughty, chewing out a cry or burping in front of others; when you eat, sit up straight; don’t cross your arms on the table.

France is famous for wine, French considers wine a special “highlight” in the art of enjoying its cuisine. The process of wine distillation is conducted with meticulousness, elaborately to extract the most quintessential drops. French wine is famous all over the world with the names of excellent wines, originating from the old wine producing regions: the famous Bordeaux wine brand.