A Exciting Summer day in the most studio at Japan

Let me go back to the summer of that year, where childhood and endless joy all day long. No need to go back in time, I also get such a vivid experience at Universal-Studios-Japan USJ where not only the lovely characters from Minions to One Piece, there are also characters from childhood like Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon or Harry Potter. And if you have grown up a little bit, characters like Transformers, Jurassic World will also make you excited because of the thrill of excitement.
Summer Parade, Water World and Night Parade Summer Events
Summer time is time for the experience of Universal-Studios-Japan USJ under the most exciting atmosphere of the season. You will go from one smile to another and be cool.
In the morning, my group went to join a One Piece play at Water World, each time our pirates fought, the stage shot water, making everyone drenched. And Luffy will ask everyone to use water guns and shoot at bad guys too.
When I had enough fun at the Water Surprise Parade, I went to the middle of the plaza to enjoy Summer Parade with countless Minions dancing and making the summer day more exciting.
When the night comes, the fun is not over, now Harry Potter, Transformers, Jurassic World, and Minions enter the fun, colors, lights and lighting mapping on the surrounding buildings. I must say “wow” when I saw the performance at 8pm but still so bright and vibrant.
More Than Summer Events
What if you have a chance to go to Universal-Studios-Japan USJ? Don’t worry because you have permanent events that are always available at Universal-Studios-Japan USJ and will give you a great experience that is not available elsewhere.
First go to One Piece restaurant, only at Universal-Studios-Japan USJ, and enjoy a “pirate” meal, if you love One Piece, you can visit the One Piece store and buy unique souvenirs.
Next, Potterheads, are you excited to visit Hogsmeade and Hogwarts castle where there are shops like the Secret Duke, Ollivander chopstick shop or delicious Beer Boutiques. And the roller coaster inside Hogwarts castle is the experience you have to try because there will be great emotions with 4D space.
At Universal-Studios-Japan USJ, there are other areas like Jurassic Park, Minions, Transformers, Jaws, etc., waiting for you to arrive, but not all day. And don’t forget to buy before the shopping combo to make your shopping more efficient https://thepureroad.info
To experience Universal-Studios-Japan USJ you should buy tickets early, in addition to the 1 year pass for the whole year, there are 2 types of tickets: regular and Express Pass. You should buy early so you can come and don’t need to queue for tickets.
Both types of tickets allow you to play all games at Universal-Studios-Japan USJ but the Express Pass will give you no need to line up and comfortably follow a separate line for Express Pass tickets and save more waiting time and have more fun to play.