My Experience When Transit

Perhaps transit is a very strange thing for you who just had straight flights. I got a lot of questions about transit experience, so today I will write this article to answer questions for the first time you have an interesting experience but also feel a bit afraid of this.

Transit requires a transit visa?

No need, if you’re only in the airport waiting for the next flight.

However, if the airport for your next trip is at another airport and is forced to go out, you will need to check if your passport is exempted from the visa in that country. For example, if there is 2 airports in China Eastern Airlines in Shanghai, you will go to Pudong and have to fly to the other airport. Visa transit is usually quite easy, so don’t worry too much.

Need to take my baggage at transit country?

It is not necessary if you transit in that country for less than 24 hours. Usually in the departure country, staff will ask if you want to check in your baggage to the last country. And I often choose to have it because most of time I do not need luggage because staying only a few hours in that country does not need to pull out and in inconveniently.

Can I go out when I am in transit?

Let’s meet 2 conditions: allowed out and enough time.

It is allowed to leave if you have a visa or your passport is exempted from your visa in the country, the transit times in Turkey usually prepare a visa first because often prefer to go out on tour Istanbul. If you go to Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways in transit in Singapore or Thailand, please go easy.

However, it is a necessary condition, sufficient condition is the time. If you only have about 2 hours of transit, do not go outside. Even though there are 6 hours in transit, I will stay at the airport to rest because it is not enough to play too much, when you want to have more passport stamp … for fun. It is best to have 8 hours or more, and especially, see if your airport is near the city center because sometimes it takes 2 hours to move to and from the center and there must be face to the inside of the counter on the plane.

What if my boarding pass for next flight is lost?

When traveling in transit, you will be printed 2 boarding passes of this trip and the next trip. But if you lost the second boarding pass on your flight, just ask your airline’s service counter so they can print you a new boarding pass. Don’t forget the passport is okay.

Is it difficult to find the next door for the next trip?

Usually, you receive a boarding pass for the following flight without a port number, however, finding a port is not a problem.

For transfer flights, you will see a big TRANSFER signage and keep going that way. Then find the guide to see your flight number and find the port number. Some airports also have quite modern gate guides, such as the trip to Japan, which I recently transited in Hong Kong with a gateway to scan the boarding pass.

If the first trip is delayed, what happens for the next trip?

This is a small case but it does not happen for transit flights. Usually, firms have confirmed nearly accurate time for the trip not to be late. However, do not worry. If you book a transit flight of the same firm, if you are late due to the firm’s fault, you will be compensated for the next trip and arrange your next flight soon. But if you buy tickets from two different brands and the transit will not be compensated.

Shopping in transit countries is tax-free?

Yes, you shop at the airport is already exempted from tax, and when going out shopping and then continue to fly can still claim tax refund at customs.

However, one note is that tobacco and alcohol you need to check the last water you come. For example, flying back to Vietnam to bring 2 bottles of wine, but China only gives 1 bottle, each country will be different, you can ask the salesperson to check for you.