Houflash – Symbol of Hungarian traditional culinary culture

The journey to explore the beautiful country of Hungary is always one of the tours that tourists love and choose everywhere. Not only is famous for its spectacular landscape, the culture mixed with East – West Europe is interesting, but the rich culinary arts are diverse but traditionally bold as well as the attractions that tourists come here. And in this country’s cuisine, Houflash is a typical dish mentioned quite a lot.

Houflash – Hungary’s typical Houflash is not only a traditional dish present in every Hungarian meal, but is also known as one of the many delicacies in Europe interested by favorite guests. Houflash is essentially a soup or stew with meat and vegetables, marinated with chili and other spices. This dish originates from medieval times (9th century) of Hungary.

Houflash dish is also a popular dish of farmers’ families in Hungary and Central Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe. At first glance, Houflash is quite like stew in Vietnam. However, Houflash is diverse in materials and especially spicy than Vietnamese stew. As one of the largest pepper-growing regions in the world, it is not surprising that the symbolic dish of Hungary – Houflash is also one of the most-spicy dishes in the world.

Houflash can be made from beef, veal, pork, or lamb cut into cubes, seasoned with salt, and then cooked with sliced ​​onions, put in a pot with cooking oil or fat. Paprika – a popular type of paprika of Hungarian people, was added with water soon after. Finally, add some garlic, tomatoes, caraway seeds, bell peppers, carrots, parsley roots and simmer. Other herbs and spices can also be added, especially chili, bay leaf and thyme to add flavor to the dish.

Minced potatoes are also often added to provide starch for meals, making Houflash dishes smoother. A small amount of white wine or vinegar can also be added near the end of a small fire, to make the flavor of the dish more passionate. Houflash can be served with small egg noodles called csipetke or served with bread. On every table of the Hungarian people, it is easy to see that Houflash is often used in conjunction with the famous wine of this country, and they become the perfect pair for a cozy dinner of the East Europe.
Your travel journey this year must not be complete without the exciting and new European tours. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful country of Hungary, which is peaceful with the poetic and peaceful scenery, the warm and friendly people and the charming and charming traditional dishes from the delicate appearance to the delicious taste.