Experience interviewing at customs office when traveling

Trips to Europe are often long, European visas are difficult, flying over Europe takes a lot of time, and sometimes it is possible to book 100% from the hotel and travel, so no one wants to fly over Europe is stopped at the door again right?

With the blog post today, I had the opportunity to summarize the visits and experiences for you to be able to pass through the gate!

1. Always Confident When Resolving Situations
“The most important is the spirit” sounds like a funny statement but in fact. Looking at you seems scared, worried, customs will be more suspicious and ask.

So in any case, you have to keep the confidence to answer and equip yourself with English to understand the question and answer the most confident question.

2. Answer Peacefully and Honestly
Certainly, people who get rotten will also be very shaken. I myself once entered France and was asked why the Dutch visa to enter France first, I still keep calm to answer correctly and do not lie and show my calmness.

3. Talk About It, Give It To It
This is a prerequisite, how sincere you answer, but the attached documents have nothing to prove for your trip, it will almost be asked more. If you are asked if you visit your country to apply for a visa, please book your hotel reservations in that country. If asked about when to return, answer and take the same plane booking.

4. Always Prepare to Print / Save Previous Documents
Do not depend on booking agency or friend to help document, always prepare a copy of paper or soft copy on the phone so it can always be in case of an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
What do you come to X country for? – Usually the main goal is “tourism” but if you visit yourself, please reply
How many days do you live in country X? – Answer the number of days, if not remember correctly can open and put the hotel booking for them to see
Do you have any relatives here? – Normally, I think I should answer if you do not stay with relatives, but if you stay at home, you should answer honestly.
Why do you apply for a Dutch visa and enter France? – Because I later found cheaper airline tickets, but I will still call the Netherlands, and also book hotel bookings in the Netherlands or air tickets or train tickets to the Netherlands.
Who do you go with? – Answer honestly, go alone or travel with friends