Try to explain the gentle attraction of Luan-Daslas coffee

This coffee shop is not beautiful, drinks are not so excellent, but why do people often mention Tung every time they talk about coffee shops in DaLat? What about me?
Tung Coffee is located at 06 Road Hoa Binh Area, Da Lat City. The location is very easy to find, because facing the golden wall “Windmill” is so famous, walking a few steps to the market, right in the city center.
With a strict reviewer, Tung is a bad choice if he has come to the world of other spacious, new and beautiful cafes of Da lat dream city. In this land of flowers, modern designs, beautifully decorated, wide view of the magnificent landscape of the forest plateau …, there are too many choices, or it is difficult to choose a shop coffee for young people who like to take photos, like to show off Facebook, pay more attention to space rather than price and quality.
While Tung coffee has a short and small space, only a few low tables and chairs are close to each other. Inside the dark bar, classical architecture and old furniture, some yellow light faded. Coffee (hot black, what I tried over) is also not very excellent. Most of them are male and many older people, so smoking is also great, not suitable for people who cannot bear to suffocate.
So what created the gentle attraction of Tung?
If you talk seriously, Tung has a cozy, quiet space, has a delicious yogurt dish (that is, I can eat it, I follow a vegan diet), have good music – old songs of Trinh Cong Son, Ngo Thuy Mien … After the moments of sightseeing, capturing calves that consume a lot of energy, you stop, sit here all day, quietly enjoy coffee, listen to music, ignoring the front door of the glitzy city, or the line of people lined up to get a picture of the golden wall, is a not bad idea.
And most of all, enough for a reason that Tung still exists and attracts many familiar and unfamiliar guests to find this place, as an unforgettable memory, as an indispensable habit, like a soul mate, that is the history of the shop.
It is said that Tung coffee is settled by the owner of the North – Uncle Tung to Da Lat and has been opened for more than half a century. Previously, this place was frequented by intellectuals, artists of Da Lat and other places. The place where musician Trinh Cong Son met Khanh Ly. The place where poet Bui Giang wrote two verses on a piece of foil of a cigarette pack:
” the shop is tired. The sun is not up yet.
Suddenly overflowing. Feeling an initial eternity. “